About Us

Who are we? What we do? Why we are here?

Who are we?

We are a logos and branding design studio with a mission to make Businesses Differentiate in a competitive world.

What we do?

We listen, we problem solve, we help,
Our goal is to create meaningful and timeless design for our clients and their audience.

Why we are here

We founded on the belief that good design and powerful ideas can create a lasting emotional experience between a brand and its audiences. And we’re here to do just that.

The LTC Team

I'm Alaa choichnia

 Ceo & Founder

I started LTC design to help businesses grow and succeed. through designing brand identity that reflect Businesses Message and Value.

Most Businesses struggle to differentiate themselves. We created a strategic process that helps businesses build recognizable Logos and brand identities.
so they can add value to their products/services and succeed.

My Instagram feed where I share all sorts of ‘behind the scenes’ and all the creative work I make

Frequently Asked Questions

we dont have a specific pricing list. we price our services based on the needs of our clients and the complexity of the projecct.
and we always try to meet our customers budget and provie value for each dollar spent

After agreeing on the proposal, we request a 50% up front and the rest  will be paid on completion of the project, prior to releasing the final work

Typical Design projects can take anything from two weeks up to a month half.  The more time dedicated to a project, the better the logo and brand will be, based on our experience. it always to become more intimate with your brand and to choose the best direction possible

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