if you're confused about How to choose your brand Colors, worry not because you came to the right place! Most businesses struggle to choose their brand color palette and end up using the same color as most of the other businesses in their industry sector. It's no easy feat to choose colors that will reflect your brand but it's not as hard as you were conditioned to think.

Before you hire a Logo Designer. you need to understand what's Logo and what's not. A logo is not a brand and it's not an explanation of the business. A logo is a picture that represents the collection of experiences that forms a perception, if done right, will be what a business wants their customer to perceive them as. But every logo communicates a message and a good logo communicates the right message and Reflects the personality of the company.

Brand identity guidelines purpose : The goal of brand guidelines is to protect the strength of your brand so that it continues to create value for your company. Brand guidelines achieve this by explaining the importance of your brand and describing how to use the elements of the brand, such as corporate identity and the brand name.