D-sign is a Signage design company. Helping people to find their way is a foundational aspect of the signage industry. It involves principles of communication theory as well as the art of communication. LTCdesign worked closely on developing D-sign identity. During the exploration stage, our goal was to find a shape that feels dynamic . We started with more literal metaphors such as D with arrows, but then moved towards an abstract direction, showcasing D Letter and S letter shape using negative space.

Latest work

More details, rationale, and context through each image.

Automated income and employment verification for new tenants.

Mediterranean tunisian food Located in california.

Social networking application which focuses mainly on bringing people closer

Lebret is marketing and communications company. main focus is on public relations

March is app with main function being connecting/meeting people with same goals.

Active network founded by SMC Tunisia in order to bring its knowledge to students