1.Missing the Whole Point of the Design

Before you hire a Logo Designer. you need to understand what’s Logo and what’s not. A logo is not a brand and it’s not an explanation of the business. A logo is a picture that represents the collection of experiences that forms a perception, if done right, will be what a business wants their customer to perceive them as. But every logo communicates a message and a good logo communicates the right message and Reflects the personality of the company.
Also, You need to understand the company’s values and What message you are trying to communicate with your target audience.

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2.Hiring an amateur friend

You may have a cousin, niece, or a friend of a friend with a decent amount of skill in graphic design. Logo design isn’t just for looking pretty. Design is a science of functionality used to convert people into paying customers. That’s why you must invest in a professional designer, not just anyone who has a version of Photoshop on their PC or Mac. Also, the cost of a much-needed rebranding effort a couple of years down the road could be hard and expensive.

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3.Not Knowing What You Want

Maybe you ask yourself I don’t know what you want your logo to look like. After hiring a Logo designer the problems arise and conflict happens mostly for your lack of understanding of your business. Most business owners are wrong about what they want as a logo because they don’t truly know what their brand is. they need to deeply examine what the core values of their brand are, what emotions they want their ideal customers to feel, how the brand will help them in their lives. only after answering these questions can the business owner proceed with the logo.

4.Trying of own sketches

you might have gotten hyped up about sketching your own idea and giving it to a designer to digitize it. the issue is though that you are not a designer! Design is not about a logo looking great or directly incorporating your business activity. the logo needs are functional and only pretty or slick. it needs to fit on packaging, website, billboards. to do sketches is good, but that’s the designer’s job. your job as a business owner to establish the vision of your brand and let the designer bring it to life through the disciple of design

5.Choosing Wrong Color for yourself

Colors can be misrepresentative or ‘wrong’, even if they’re not “ugly” in their own right. Professional logo designer always considers color theory, which is the science of how humans perceive various shades. Color is a particularly powerful tool because of its ability to elicit emotional responses and influence people’s moods and decisions. If you want to cultivate a particular emotion or reinforce your brand value, color is a very effective way to do it.


Finding a Logo designer and designing a logo isn’t just about doing extensive research and squeezing out your creative friend. There are specific skills that are needed to understand your vision for your brand so that your Logo will reflect your message. This includes Learning strategy deep-dive, Logo sketching, Design software, color theory, and much more These things could be can be only done by a skilled and experienced designer at first. Thus, if you need a logo and a brand identity for your business, working with professionals is a must. Fortunately, here at LTC design, we help business owners like you create logos and brand identities that let your business flourish and Differentiate in the sea of endless businesses and brands.

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