How to choose your brand Colors

if you’re confused about How to choose your brand Colors, worry not because you came to the right place!
Most businesses struggle to choose their brand color palette and end up using the same color as most of the other businesses in their industry sector. It’s no easy feat to choose colors that will reflect your brand but it’s not as hard as you were conditioned to think.

Color is used to evoke emotion and express personality. It captures attention and spread brand awareness. As consumers, we depend on the familiarity of Coca-Cola red. We don’t need to read the type on a Tiffany gift box to know where the gift was purchased. We see the color and immediately a set of impressions comes to us.

That fact is clearly known by brands and advertisers as They know that certain colors, tints, hues, and shades evoke specific emotions and move people to action. This effect is both subtle and very powerful if used correctly as it moves people to buy and become devoted followers of brands.

What to Know Before You Choose Your Brand Colors!

The psychology of colors is a direct influence on people’s behavior and decision-making. People make subconscious judgments about a person, environment, or product within a few seconds or minutes. Color plays into this initial impression.

In the sequence of visual perception, the brain reads color after it registers a shape and before it reads the content. Choosing a color for a new identity requires a core understanding of color theory, a clear vision of how the brand needs to be perceived and differentiated.


Red is the color linked with emotions such as love, passion, energy, excitement, and danger.

How to choose your brand Colors

How to choose your brand Colors


Pink is generally associated with all things famine and romance. Its variety of hot pink is also connected with youthfulness.

How to choose your brand Colors

How to choose your brand Colors


Generates vitality and freshness. It also evokes the feeling of creativity.

How to choose your brand Colors

famous orange logo


The color of hope and optimism. Brands apply this color to depict the playful personality of their brand.


Green is the color to represent nature but it is also associated with wealth, prestige, and sustainability.

famous green logos


Blue Stands for trust and reliability, which is the reason social media brands using this color most often.

famous blue logos


Generally considered as the color to represent royalty and majesty. But in many cultures, it also is a color for spirituality and mystery.


the color of the earth. Most brands in the business of organic products use brown in branding.


Usually associated with power, elegance, and sophistication.

To choose your brand Colors you need to have already established what your brand is about, what is your mission, who is your target audience and what kind of emotions you want to evoke in them when they interact with your brand. . and not only that you also need to consider What makes the business special? what do you want to achieve? What is your brand voice? what is your personality?
all of these aspects of your brand must be communicated primarily through your content, photography, and most importantly colors!

Think of three words that you would want your customers to use to describe your company.
Are you dependable, formal, playful, sarcastic, creative, adventurous, safe, sporty, friendly, innovative, caring….
Answer these questions thoughtfully and you’ll have a stronger sense of your brand color and a clearer sense of how your color can represent that brand identity.

Now that you have your brand palette selected, you need to make sure it’s applied consistently. You should also make sure your colors fit seamlessly into your overall visual identity, as everything from your logo to iconography should work well together.


There are specific steps that are needed to understand your brand before choosing colors that really reflect your brand. This includes Learning strategy deep-dive, color theory, and much more.
If you get stuck at any part of the process, Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to help you bring your brand to life.