The 5 Steps Logo Design Methodology

Before we dive into the phases of a typical logo design methodology, it is important to understand that every professional designer approaches this task in a different manner. Of course, there are certain stages that most logo designers include in their workflow. It is important to understand step by step logo designing process for you to know what is going around your designer’s head when he or she presents you with initial sketches and drafts.
Whether you’re a professional designer or a business owner looking to create your own logo, it’s imperative that you follow the formal logo design methodology.
PS. Please don’t use logo maker 
When you create a great logo, the process is extremely rewarding. One thing that’s even more rewarding is creating your own unique logo. Although it can be overwhelming to design a logo from scratch, below we’re going to outline the steps in the logo design process that every designer follows:

Logo Design Methodology


I developed this process after years of experience and I find a great way that can reflect business message and personality into a Logo design using a strategic way. I’ve used it ever since for all my clients and it’s never failed.
I’m sharing with you my creative logo design process. So, I hope you can improve your way of designing logos—if you’re a designer. Or you can just get an overview of how professionals do it if you’re a business owner looking for a custom logo.

What makes a good logo

A logo is a picture that represents the collection of experiences that forms a perception, if done right, will be what a business wants their customer to perceive them as.
But every logo communicates a message and a good logo communicates a positive message and reflects the personality of the company.

The following criteria are used to evaluate each of our early design concepts:
Is it appropriate? Is it Distinct? Is it simple? Is it Versatile?

Logo Design Methodology

So let’s dive into the process from start to finish.

Discovery and Information Gathering

logo design process

The first step in any professional logo design methodology is to build a creative design brief.
To understand the business needs, we must ask questions ( research discovery ) and develop a clear understanding of their business, their industry, and the issues they have been having. This initial phase of logo design methodology stages can be completed however the client is most comfortable – be it over the phone, in person, using an online design questionnaire, or simply via email.
Ultimately, the purpose of the design brief is to help the designer understand the project, so the more they know, the better they can communicate through the initial design concepts.
A creative design brief is a document intended for a design or development project, created during a consultation between the client and the designer.

 In our case, it is a set of around 20 questions and takes approximately one hour to complete in full.
The more complete the answers, the better we can communicate through the design concepts – so we advise clients to spend time completing it.
The logo and branding questionnaire we use is broken down into several key areas:

  • About Business
  • About Customers
  • About the Project


logo design process

Once the answers to the questionnaire are complete, we will go through and build up a solid base to work from moving forward.
Further questions may arise, which can be discussed so we best can understand the project before getting started.

By this time, you have a good grasp of the direction we take and the information to research such as competitive analysis, brand audit, personas, and the list goes on.
At this stage, you want to take that information and transform it into pictures.
then create a mood board, pull together images and keywords that feel right for the company, then paste them all into an illustrator (or PowerPoint or photoshop, whatever is easiest for you).


logo design process

To start, have your team brainstorm word clouds that describe your brand. The focus is not to free-associate words into other words.
The goal is to bring those words to life through visualizing related words.
Think about what those words make you visualize. The associations may be abstract,
but it is important to get everything out. For example, if your brand service is “Helpful,” don’t talk about other words for “Help” (e.g., “advice”)
Think about what Helpful brings to mind. It’s always easier to use real-life case studies when explaining a logo design process with a client – so in this instance I am going to be using “verifychief” project, one of my clients.

VerifyChief verifies the income and identity of applicants when applying for an apartment or house to rent. the founder was looking for a simple and effective logo that reflects the personality of the company.
The personality of the company was: – Helpful, Vibrant, Young
We start with bringing those words to life by visualizing related words HelpFul__Hand__communication__chat bubble

Logo Design Methodology
Final result
Logo Design Methodology
Logo concept

The verify symbol is composed of three parallelograms, and a chat bubble coming together representing the relationship between verify chief, its clients, and their customers, This configuration creates a Hidden Letter V. Check the Full case study Here

Sketching & exploration

logo design process

This is my best part of the design process, To design a logo We start with pencil and paper doodling all the keywords that we found.
We may end up sketching thousand of ideas, but keep going until you have a handful of ideas that have real potential for further development.

Logo Design Methodology
Logo Design Methodology

Digitize and apply

logo design process

From there, we select the most promising archetypes to refine.
Creating the logo design with finalized color palette and typography.
Then digitize and apply to the key communications for the Logo, such as signs, clothing, and website app icon.

it’s all about nailing the strongest and most original rendition
It is important that your logo is displayed in a consistent manner across all mediums. then We provide a brand guidelines document that details information on things such as color, fonts, sizes & spacing. This ensures that your logo is always displayed in the correct manner.

Logo design process example

Example from my logo design process pdf version

More logo design documentation Here


As you can see, logo designing is not just about creating a symbol or lettering. This design process involves a few stages from preliminary sketches to the delivery of final files. As we mentioned before, every professional designer has his or her own design methodology, but these steps should give you an idea of what to expect from the mind of a seasoned professional logo designer.

There are specific steps that are needed to understand your brand before choosing Logos that really reflect your brand. This includes Learning strategy deep-dive, color theory, and much more.
So, If you get stuck at any part of the process, Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to help you.