The importance of Brand identity

The importance of Brand identity

The branding process is the core concept and foundation of a brand. What do I mean by the importance of brand identity? Plenty of people thinks brand identity is a buzzphrase. But it’s not. If you have an established corporate brand or business, it is extremely important you recognize the power of a strong brand identity. So in this post, you’ll find out why brand identity matters just as much as the actual product or service you’re offering! Also how to create strong and recognizable brand identity

What is a brand?

The word brand can be described in many ways. But I like to use the term that Marty Neumeier came up with, he’s the author of the fantastic book called a Band Gap. I like Marty’s explanation, so much that I’ve actually copied the pages and stuck them on to the wall of my office so that when clients visit, I can show them what exactly it is that I’m trying to help them with when it comes to brand. Here’s what Marty says a

Brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or company.

Marty Neumeier

So you can see from that statement, that a brand is not a logo, as many people believe. It is more intangible than that. It’s an emotion, it’s a feeling that people have about your brand. In addition to Marty’s gut feeling statement, he also says

A brand is not what you say it is a brand is what they the customer says it is

Marty Neumeier

So what he’s saying is you cannot tell people what your brand is, what it should be how they should feel about it, because they will make their own decision on their own judgment on the interactions that they have with your brand, or what other people have told them about the interactions they’ve had with your brand. So although we can’t specifically tell people what to think we can influence them. And that’s where branding comes in.

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What is branding?

It is through branding, that we create positive interactions and experiences for our customers. And these are what build that trust and loyalty, and that gut feeling that the customer has towards your brand.

Branding is used to show your uniqueness when customers begin to compare your brand with others. And to do that your branding needs to utilize different elements. And these can be found in what’s known as your brand identity

What is brand identity?

Where brand, as we’ve said is that intangible gut feeling. Your brand identity is the visual, tangible element of your brand. These are things such as your logo, color palette, your website, how you communicate with your customers, your tone of voice, brochures, advertisements, and so on. Where you have a brand touchpoint with a customer, your brand identity will be in play.

When customers see your brand identity working cohesively and consistently together, hopefully, that builds on that positive experience that we want to give them. You need to continually nurture that positive experience so that customers will continue to come back again and again. And also hopefully, recommend your brand to others. Because when it comes to buying from brands, one of the first things that we all do is we asked friends, family, and work colleagues, who have purchased the specific product or service and who would they recommend.

So by building up lots of loyal customers, or brand advocates, they will do a lot of the heavy lifting for the brand, they will be that referral for you. And then when it comes to your brand identity, that will be the visual icing on the cake that lets those customers know they’ve landed on the right brand for them.

Brand identity is the image you use to determine how you want people to visually perceive your business.

A good and well-mastered brand identity is the most important element for the notoriety and the direct recognition of your company through the name, the logo, or the colors.
Let’s take Coca-Cola as an example, your brain will directly remember the color red, the logo, or the format of the bottle. These graphical elements as you are more likely to remember the sweetness, the low price, and the quality of the product
As a result, your prospect will trust your company on a higher level if they perceive that you value your visual identity.

Brand, Branding, and Brand Identity – What’s the Difference?

The band is what customers feel and think about you.
Branding is the process of influencing a customer’s perception, their gut feeling of your brand,
Brand identity is the look and feel of your brand.

The importance of Brand identity

Elements of brand identity

When you build a strong brand identity, you’re essentially creating a toolkit of visual elements to aid in effective communication. This might be simple or complex, depending on your brand’s requirements.
Regardless, every brand needs a basic identity, which includes these elements:

  • Logo
  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Graphics and Images
  • Iconography
  • Data visualization
  • Patterns

and extend into everything you create.

The importance of Brand identity

Company, brand, or business are just abstract terms Until we give them some visual form that will represent them to the world because that’s the way to get people to remember you in differentiating from the competition.

It’s not about producing nice packaging to have a great brand identity; it’s about effectively delivering your brand story.

  • Differentiation: In a crowded market, how can you stand out? Your brand identity can have a big impact. Creating a consistent, unified appearance is the key to success, whether you want your product to stand out on a shelf or your Facebook advertisements to stand out.
  • Connection: People will be more likely to engage with you and eventually join your community of lifelong followers if you properly convey who you are.
  • Experience: Everything touchpoint you create reflects your brand. As a result, you must provide a constant, coherent identity if you want to generate a consistent, cohesive brand experience. From your website to your social media, to your sales brochures, a strong identity is a key to elevating your brand experience. 

Advantages of brand identity

Brand identity is a touchy subject, but it’s something that every company has. brand identity is an integral part of branding, as it relates to ensuring that your core values are linked to the image and name of your products, services, and business. Which is why an impressive brand identity can help you attract new customers,

Brand identity can be defined as the way a company is perceived by consumers. A good brand image means that people are familiar with your products and services and they have positive feelings towards them. Whereas a bad brand image means that people do not know about your brand at all or if they know about it, they have negative feelings towards it.

The advantages of having a strong brand image are:

  • People will be able to recognize your company logo easily
  • People will know about your products and services very well
  • People will buy from you because of their loyalty to your company

How to target your potential customers through your brand identity?

Positioning is the place the company wants to take in the market and the way it wants to be perceived by its target customers.
It is a choice that the company makes and that sometimes does not correspond to the truth of the market but through the personality chosen by the company in the brand identity.

The graphic elements must be consistent with this choice. If you have a luxury brand and you want to attract high-income customers the personality of your brand identity must have graphic elements, good quality of service or product, the decoration of your company, and even the uniforms of employees that reflect the luxury it allows to establish an emotional bond with your prospect transforming them into long-term customers

How does visual identity reassure the brand’s difference in the competitive world?

Brand differentiation covers all aspects of the company’s operation from the brand identity to the product’s characteristics and its way of being. It is directly related to the perception of the brand by target customers the way the company positions itself, its pricing policy, the presentation of products and services, etc.
Sometimes, a specific positioning or visual identity seems to scare a potential customer, simply because it has a “wrong vibe”.
To influence the decision making, around the competition you have to create an attractive impression, reinforced with a reasonable proposition in the market.
Therefore, you must convince your customer that your product is the right and only choice.
From a design point of view, this means that you have to rely on the emotional perception of the identity and the shape scheme before implementing them.

What is a brand identity example?

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There are specific steps that are needed to understand your brand before creating your brand identity components and choosing the right colors and logo that really reflect your brand and attract more audiences. This includes Learning strategy deep-dive, color theory, and much more.

If you get stuck at any part of the process, Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to help you reflect the message and the value of your company into a logo that attracts more customers.