Types of logo design

if you’re confused about the different types of logo design, worry not because you came to the right place!
So, Your business is almost set to launch, all you need now is the right logo to reflect your brand and attract clients. Your logo will generate favorable associations between your organization and the target audience in the form of a visual signal if it is doing its job appropriately.

The question is, what kind of logo will do the work? What type of logo design do you choose?

While there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a logo for your company (font, layout, photos, color palette, etc. ), we’ve put up a list of the most common type of logos to make the process easier – and more enjoyable!


Types of logo design
examples: IKEA, eBay, Google, Tate, Nokia, MoMA, Pinterest, FedEx

A wordmark is a freestanding word or word. It may be a company name or an acronym. The best wordmarks imbue a legible word or words with distinctive font characteristics and may integrate abstract elements or pictorial elements. The distinctive tilted “E” in “Dell” activates and strengthens the one-syllable name. The IBM acronym has transcended enormous technological change in its industry


Types of logo design
examples: Univision, IBM, OLIN, Unilever, Tory Burch, Flipboard, B Corporation, HP

A unique design using one or more letterforms that act as a mnemonic device for a company name.

The single letter is frequently used by designers as a distinctive graphic focal point for a brandmark. The letter is always a unique and proprietary design that is infused with significant personality and meaning. The letterform acts as a mnemonic device and is easy to apply to an app icon


Emblems are trademarks featuring a shape inextricably connected to the name of the organization. The elements are never isolated. Emblems look terrific on a package, as a sign, or as an embroidered patch on a uniform. As mobile devices continue to shrink and multi-branding ads with one-sixth-inch logos increase, the emblem presents the biggest legibility challenge when miniaturized.

types of logo design

Types of logo design
Examples: Starbucks, NFL, Harley Davidson, Harvard,

Pictorial marks 

A pictorial mark uses a literal and recognizable image. The image itself may allude to the name of the company or its mission, or it may be symbolic of a brand attribute. The simpler the form, the more difficult it is to draw. The most skillful designers know how to translate and simplify, play with light and shadow, and balance positive and negative space..

Types of logo design

Types of logo design
examples: Apple, NBC, CBS, Polo, Lacoste, Greyhound, Twitter

Abstract/symbolic marks 

An abstract mark uses visual form to convey a big idea or a brand attribute. These marks, by their nature, can provide strategic ambiguity, and work effectively for large companies with numerous and unrelated divisions. Marks such as Chase’s have survived a series of mergers easily. Abstract marks are especially effective for service-based and technology companies; however, they are extremely difficult to design well.

Types of logo design

Types of logo design
examples: Chase, Sprint, Nike, HSBC, Merck

types of logo design


A character trademark embodies brand attributes or values. Characters quickly become the stars of advertising campaigns, and the best ones become cultural icons cherished by children and customers alike. Along with their distinctive appearance and personality

Types of logo design

KFC, Wendys, Mr clear, m&m


Whichever type of logo you choose, remember that mindful design will not only elevate your brand but ensure that customers will remember your logo in their minds long after. Over time, consumers will build positive associations with your logo and your brand, which ultimately adds value and trust. 
Designing a logo is not an easy task and requires serious thought.
If you get stuck at any part of the process, Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to help you bring your brand to life.