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We create logos & brand identities

That make Businesses Differentiate in a competitive world

Your business matters.

Most Businesses struggle to differentiate themselves. We created a strategic process that helps businesses build recognizable Logos and brand identities.
so they can add value to their products/services and succeed.


Increase your value and Get customuer attention


Trnasform your story into a strong pillar of your brand


Be recognized and trusted by your coustumers


standout with an exceptional and recognizable brand

Your identity Should Not Be Scattered and Confused

Do any of these sound familiar?

Here’s how we do it

First we listen

The first step in our process is to ask lots of questions and learn everything we can from you and your business.

Then we research

We do our research your brand and everything around it, competition and target audience…. information is key to a reflect your value and story.

Next we strategize

We craft a strategy specific to your business and it’s goals. we build a powerful identity that reflect your business message.

And then we execute

After we present concepts and getting your opinion , we  will do our best to fulfill what your brand and business strategy to select

How to Get Started?

You're Just 3 Steps From A Improving your brand identity


Get a quote

Fill out our online form to understand what you looking for,
so we can determine What business problem you are trying to solve



After we contact you and understand your need, we will send you a written proposal with our price sheet and a timeline for the project at hand.



If you feel like LTC design is a good fit we’ll schedule a kick-off call and get to work on helping you take the next steps in growing your business.

Free Guide

5 steps to build a successful Logo that reflect your business Message and Value.

5 steps ebook is a comprehensive workbook that takes you through a process to build an attractive Logo that reflects your business Message and personality. I developed this process after years of experience and I find a great way To do that. I’ve used it ever since for all my clients and it’s never failed.

The ebook includes the guidance of the strategic Logo design process and more.

LTCdesign ebook

Latest work

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What people say?

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